Offshore wind

We offer fit-for-purpose consultancy to projects within offshore wind both fixed and floating structures, as well as we develop R&D concepts that benefit the growing offshore renewables industry. Semar offers its competence and experience earned from the offshore oil & gas industry to multiple wind farm projects. The feedbacks we get are that the way we work, based on team collaboration and multi-discipline approach combined with specialized competences, help efficiently address the specific challenges and demands of the offshore renewables industry.



› Equinor/KDS JV – Hywind Tampen – Mooring installation and Tow & Hook-up – 2020-2023

› NGI/Equinor – Beacon Wind Suction Bucket Trials – Detailed design of suction buckets – 2022-2023

›  OHT – Hywind floating foundation transportation (3 600t) – 2017

›  Owec Tower – NGG Offshore wind farm – 2015

›  Statoil – Hywind installation study – 2015

›  Sweco – Marine operation assessment of wind turbine installation  – 2014

›  Fred Olsen – Lifting analysis Seagreen Project – 2012

›  Fred Olsen – Crane wire load analysis for upending of wind turbine foundations  – 2010

›  Statoil – Marine operation study for Hywind – 2010

›  Master Marine – Sheringham shoal wind turbine installation – 2009-2011

›  NorWind – Alpha Ventus wind farm  – pre-installation method of piles – 2008

›  Owec Tower – Alpha Ventus wind farm – Structural analysis and design – 2008

›  Fred Olsen – Concept development of installation methods – 2001-2002

Areas of competence


›  Marine operation study and consultancy

›  Mooring analyses of floaters carrying wind turbines

›  Planning and follow-up of physical model tests

›  Installation of foundations (monopiles and jackets) for wind turbines

›  Marine transportation with deck arrangement study

›  Hydrodynamic analyses of operations

›  Structural design and analyses of transport structures

›  Concept and pre-FEED design of fixed substructures (jacket/monopile), as well as assistance to detailed design

› Detailed design of floating substructures


Honeymooring - a promising R&D project

Our innovative solution Honeymooring™ is a unique and cost-effective way of mooring floating wind turbines in a “honeycomb” network using, flexible lines and active sharing of anchors and buoys. Honeymooring™ is estimated to reduce mooring hardware costs considerably compared to traditional catenary mooring solutions with chains/ fiberline and clump weights.

With Honeymooring, we offer:

– Reduced CO2 emissions

– Limited seabed erosion

– Reduced CAPEX

– Reduced time to “first electron”

– Increased power production

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