Project Managment

Semar core business is in general connected to marine operations. Our services include various engineering services, but also management of offshore projects. The planning and execution activities vary depending on the scope of work, project size and complexity.  

Semar provides project managers that identify and set the level of the project quality management activities suitable to the project size and complexity. Our services also includes activities and resources related to planning and execution of the project work, identifying and scheduling of the main activities to be performed together with a close follow-up on cost, time, document control and resources including all deliverables.

Dependent on the contract, the work is planned according to Semar AS Quality System “SEMS” and or Client specified requirements and business manage systems.  “SEMS” specifies the main practices and processes to be followed to ensure the successful execution of the scope of work to be undertaken by the Project Team in all phases:

›  Tender 

›  Project initiation and planning 

›  Engineering analysis and design 

›  Fabrication and follow-up 

›  Execution phase 

›  Project close out and lessons learned

Small projects with relatively low man-hour expenditure, few deliverables (often restricted to specific work packages), within a relatively short period, form a quite large part of the Semar business portfolio. These small projects do not warrant the preparation of full scale project specific QA and management documentation and are therefore handled by Semar Administrative and Basis Personnel according to predefined procedure and work process.

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