Fish farm Study

Sep 27, 2017

There has been a tremendous growth in aquaculture industry the past years. With it, there has been an increasing interest in larger and more advanced aquaculture structures, as well as offshore deployment. These new concepts often feature groundbreaking design, but consequently face unexplored engineering challenges.
With competence and know-how built up over more than 35 years in the offshore industry, we are committing to bringing the same quality services to aquaculture. Semar has initiated a project to expand our simulation services, and adapt our software and knowledge to solve the unique challenges aquaculture poses. This primarily concerns permeable and deformable nets typically found in fish farms; the rest (floater rings, chains, large volume structures etc.) are frequently found in offshore simulation.

As a start, we have demonstrated that our software is capable of calculating the loads and deformation of a fish farm in current and waves. This is fully integrated in our current software. Any additional elements we are already familiar with, be it vessels, floating platforms, bottom-fixed structures, etc. can thus be integrated in the simulation.

Though Semar can already simulate and give answers to practical engineering cases for aquaculture, the goal of the 18 month project is to bring us to the cutting edge of aquaculture engineering simulation. Over the course of the project, using improved time domain models and integration of CFD, Semar will gradually replace conservative estimation with accurate simulation for more and more complex problems. More accurate simulation means the need for model tests is reduced or eliminated entirely, and allows for evaluation of more concepts within the same time-frame.

We are also looking for partners in the aquaculture industry to provide simulation cases.

Further information, please visit our aquaculture page.