In projects where land-based constructions meets the sea, challenges and obstacles to overcome during installation and construction are significantly different. In these projects, Semar is able to combine the best of their competences in structure and marine operations to offer the most suitable and efficient installation methods. Past projects have shown methods used in offshore marine operations can be scaled and adapted to improve installation of infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels. At the design stages, Semar has also been involved in hydrodynamic and mooring analyses of new floating bridge concepts.


› Multiconsult – Feasibility study for crossing of Sulafjorden – 2015

›  Vestbase AS – Marine consultancy for berth extension – 2013

›  Neptun Heavy Lift – Øresund bridge two pilon caissons installation – 1996

Areas of competence

›  Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analyses

›  Mooring analyses

›  Structural design of grillages

›  Marine operation

›  Development and design of installation methods

Øresund Caisson Installation

Øresund Caisson Installation

Øresund Caisson Installation

The two caissons, which form the base of the 204m tall main pylons of the Øresund bridge, were transported and installed using two barges connected with space truss structures. Each of the caissons had a dry weight of 20’000 tonnes and a submerged lift weight of 12’200 tonnes. Lifting and lowering was done by strand jacks.

Scope of work summary

›  Structural and hydrodynamic analysis of the catamaran configuration

›  Design, drawing production and fabrication follow-up of:

›  Space truss bridges between the two barges

›  Barge reinforcements and grillages

›  Barge outfitting

›  Seafastening

›  Simplified stability test and structure measurements

›  Marine operation method and procedure manual

Key data

Client Neptun Heavy Lift
Operator Sundlink Contractors
Project duration 1996 – 1997
Project characteristics

200m high pylons

20.000t weight of the caissons

12.200t submerged lift weight


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